My nephew, me, my wife, and my niece

Ever heard of Rio Rico, Arizona?

I grew up in a mountain-filled, too-small-to-be-called-a-town, place in Southern Arizona. Scenic, yet isolated. Only 15 minutes from the Mexico-US border. You could say I had an unconventional, but culturally rich upbringing. 

I have also always been fascinated with taking things apart and understanding how/why they are put together. Not until college did I figure out this was something you can do with your life. That’s the moment I fell in love with design.

Moving to Tucson, to New York City, to Los Angeles and most recently taking on a life as a digital nomad, I am always seeking diverse communities to apply my curiosity towards. 

Let's create something together!

I am always looking to connect on new gigs or side projects.