Options Trading Idea App

How can I start learning options trading and where can I get ideas?


Concepting and designing an app for people interested in trading stock options

Featuring educational mini-lessons, technical analysis, and data visualizations pinpoint tradeable ideas.

My Role

Lead product designer, brand strategist on team of 20+. Worked closely with product managers, front-end developers, and subject matter experts.

Client & Context

Designed for Investor's Business Daily, a FinTech education company primarily focused on long-term stock investing.


Options trading can be very complicated no matter your skill level

Many people actively trading options are lacking information on what they are doing and how to analyze trades. For every successful high-risk option trader, you have multiple people losing their butts, often times money they don’t have to spend. 

At the same time, people who want to learn how to trade options are unsure where to start. Who can you trust and how can you have continued education beyond surface-level concepts?


An app for on-the-go investors with targeted education & insight

A mobile app targeting on-the-go investors who can access educational content, trade ideas, and in-depth analysis from anywhere. 

  • Bite-sized lessons with knowledge testing quizzes
  • Technical analysis in quickly scannable formats
  • Trade ideas to put education into practice


From idea to innovation using a user-centered design approach

To start, we researched as many tools in the options space as we could find. We also talked to people at all levels of trading experience, from interested to “expert.” Both led to insights on key needs, behaviors and mental models.

Personas and competitive analysis artifacts informed a lightning design sprint. We led cross-functional participants through background, How Might We’s, brainstorming and voting. The output was our North Star. 

We layered the brainstorm insight into moments that mattered most along key user journeys. We built wireframes and put them in front of a wide audience. After a few iteration cycles, we developed a brand unique to the app to target a new audience for our organization. 

To capitalize on brand, we built a design system with a component library, principles and guidelines. High-fidelity designs and prototypes were put through another round of iteration cycles. As an outcome, we determined our earliest lovable app and kicked off development.


Focused goals and continuous lessons to quiz and sink in knowledge

People used to have to jump between educational resources to inform themselves on how to trade options and more advanced concepts. We offered this this info in one progression-driven place. Beyond educational goals and lessons, but we also provide contextual education where needed.

Each lesson includes a video and can include supplementary text and/or visuals to support the concepts. We also give content writers the ability to include 1-2 question quizzes to make sure knowledge sinks in.


Bird's-eye technical and fundamental analysis until you need more

Analyzing for options on most investing tools is very complex. This has made the barrier of entry so high it’s often intimidating to people interested in trading. Even worse, some people trade without knowing how to analyze what they are doing.

We aimed to pair the information overload down by showing high-level insights needed when on the go and making trades. For beginners, they progressively unlock more analysis as they learn how to apply it. 


Put your knowledge into practice with hand-picked trade ideas

With options, trading is what we found most effectively conceptualized education. So, we also offer daily trade videos and informative cards you can plug into your broker to put the ideas into action. 

If you are particular about what you’re trading, we offer filters to find trades that match your style. 

In both cases you are informing trades with the more than half of century behind our organization’s stock picking methodology.


Enhancing education and analysis with gamification and coaching

When designing something from the ground up, there are a lot of ideas you you weigh on including before launch. Are they all needed for the earliest usable product? Can they wait until first release and work starts on the earliest lovable product?

Key things left out of our launch

  • Gamification of educational content to reward people learning how to use options
  • Coaching to concierge traders with personalized context on concepts they need more help with

Let's create something together!

I am always looking to connect on new gigs or side projects. me@aaron.design