WAM - Passive Compliance

How can I manage my company's compliance risks before possible penalties?

WAM - Passive Compliance

How can I manage my companies compliance risks before possible penalties?


Redesigning the way your business addresses compliance issues

WAM (Workforce Automation Machine) enables small-to-medium sized business to go deeper with their workforce data. Scattered data is pulled into one place where compliance recommendations are flagged and reported.

My Role

Design and product lead from initiation onwards. Managed and fed a team of 10+ near and off-shore developers, QA, and PMs with design assets and requirements.

Client & Context

Designed for Trusiac, formerly First Capitol Consulting, a compliance technology company. We serviced 200+ clients who we previously manually analyzed data for.


HR compliance is a mess and analysts using Excel can only clean up so much

Zoom into your HR department. Ask them how many tools they have to cycle through on a given day, even a given hour. Spoiler, it’s typically in the 5-10 range (or at least was when we created WAM). Let’s also factor in how data is captured and presented differently in each system. Now, imagine trying to craft compliance insights across these tools.

At Trusaic, we untangled the compliance mess, initially by using Excel spreadsheets and the power in numbers of analysts. Everything was manual and had to be triple and quadruple checked before reporting to clients. This worked for a few clients, but our sights were set on growing our market share.


Compliance dashboards & actionable alerts accounting for all your HR data

WAM meets in the middle of systems you have in place now, pulling in live data, cleaning it, running analysis off of it, and presenting it back through dashboards and alerts. This all also happens with minimal human intervention on either side.

A company’s HR team can continue working as they did before without worrying about compliance, just so long as they act on tailored alerts. The analysts who previously preformed the manual tasks, now act as client-facing support to answer any questions. Less hands-on heavy-lifting, means less opportunity for human error. 


Using a Wagile approach to distill mental models into testable solutions

To digitize a manual process we were very familiar with, we started by pooling our years of process knowledge. We created artifacts to document mental models of needs and behaviors. Design and development collaborated to ideate, validate and iterate our design for feasibility and ease of use. 

Because the main consideration was heaps of sensitive HR data, we worked in a wagile (waterfall + agile) approach to leave no stones unturned before release.


Can compliance ever be fully passive?

I have been using passive to mean allowing things to work in the background with minimal human interference. 

I would argue compliance can never be fully passive, or at least not until we have more matured machine learning and AI applications. Until then, we designed digital analysis and reporting systems to make HR and compliance harmonious with a small amount of human touch. 


Live dashboards for the Affordable Care Act and Work Opportunity Tax Credit

While much of WAM operates behind the scenes, we also designed visualizations of data to inform clients of impending compliance actions, deadlines, and alerts. Dashboards supplemented traditional monthly reports for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC).


A small fish in a large pond can stir things up

WAM’s passive compliance is a stone in a large pond of initiatives across Fortune 500 companies. It exists in a space where innovation is needed, but difficult to come by due to the levels of checks and balances brought on by wide-spread data breaches. 

When WAM was created, it solved for organizational needs at a crucial time to the company’s business. Scalability was no longer a dream, but the here and now. Couple that with its accessible visualizations and ease of connecting data across in-place systems and you have potential ripple effects impacting the way other behemoth companies analyze and present information. 

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