How can I keep up with and contribute to the conversation for sports I care about most?


Ideating, redesigning and content creation for sports social media

SPORTalk was designed from the ground up as an all-in-one social sports companion. A mobile app and website aimed to fill a key market niche that still sits empty.

My Role

Lead product designer and product manager. Hands on was the name of the game. From ideation to testing dev outcomes, we were mean and lean.

Client & Context

Designed for a small startup as a founding member. We took an existing platform and redesigned it from the ground up as a sports social media tool.


Sports and social media used to be two separate things

Rewind to 2013…

  • Social media companies are spread thin, launching wide-spread new features and products left and right.
  • People are jumping between non-dedicated tools to talk about televised sports.

Weeding through feeds to find chatter for the game you’re watching or a team you’re talking about can be as ice cold as your beer. Often times, people had to juggle multiple apps and websites, missing the action to be part of the conversation. 

Even if you are tapped in, who’s to say people are organized around the same hashtags?


We continuously iterated using feedback, analytics, and inspiration

We huddled around feedback and how people were using the tool to form insights, powering our roadmap of ideas. Lean validation methods kept us experimenting often. Being a small team, we were forced to be agile in our mindsets and process.


A mobile app and web platform organizing the talk around sports

Imagine a place where you can meet fans just like you; share your opinions, poll others, and find exclusive user-generated videos, photos and posts. Your sports persona lives on SPORTalk, an all-in-one companion customized to your preferences. You'll never miss a beat of the action.


Unique content, social feeds, and profiles kept people coming back

With an initial website up in the blink of an eye, we soon realized we needed more incentive for people to come back. The MVP we released was very simple; event pages and event lists.

Our learning led to our strategy for engagement…

  • Twitter, Instagram and YouTube feeds kept events timely and alive
  • People profiles and personalized content brought people together
  • Content ranking systems surfaced popular content front and center


Meeting people everywhere they watch sports was essential

The fan experience can take many shapes; tailgating at the stadium, screaming at the TV at a bar, or even multi-tasking on your couch. A mobile app became a no brainer, giving fans access to their sports companion from anywhere, on the fly. 

Early on, we had the tradeoff talk. Would we have a slimmed down version of our web platform on mobile or pack the app with the full feature set? We decided it was important to reflect everything on the app so people never needed to access a computer.


A true underdog story

SPORTalk was live from 2014 to 2020. 

A dedicated fanbase of college students demanded innovation. Working in quick experiment cycles let us try things out much larger companies couldn’t move quick enough to pull off. Years later, SPORTalk’s lasting impact was seen echoing through companies much larger than the initial 10 person team I was on. 

Let's create something together!

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